Aetna is taking the next step in increasing our commitment to technology by fully integrating ServicePro into our business. ServicePro is a software program specifically designed for the pest control industry, and it provides a number of useful digital tools that will help both our customers and our pest control technicians. The largest benefit of mastering this in-depth software is that it will help increase the efficiency of our technicians, which will reduce lead times/wait times and expand tech availability for our existing clientele.

We recently sent a representative to the ServicePro University in Florida to learn more about how we can:

• Provide rapid electronic reporting to customers.
• Speed up the appointment booking/dispatch process.
• Become more environmentally friendly and sustainable by going digital/reducing paper usage.
• Take advantage of the cost savings realized within a paperless environment.

Through ServicePro, we will digitize the transfer of information from technician to office as well as have the ability to generate digital reports that we can email to clients for their records. Along with the use of Altriset termiticide, this is the next step in reducing our ecological footprint. We look forward to showing you our results in the near future.

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