Termites Munching Through T.O.

When Richard Murphy is on the hunt for his prey, he doesn’t carry heavy-duty equipment on his back — just a screwdriver and flashlight. Murphy is an operations manager for Aetna Pest Control, which for the past 30-odd years, has tracked down and fumigated pesky termites in Toronto homes. “You can see the mud trails,” […]

Spray-on insulation a highway for termites, experts warn

Spray foam insulations are a popular construction material, but as home renovation season ramps up some exterminators are warning that the puffy stuff lining your walls could be a speedway for hungry termites seeking out wood.

Torontoist.com – Newstand, August 12th edition

Got termites? For an increasing number of Torontonians, the answer is yes. Researchers at City and Country Pest Control told the Toronto Sun that there’s been an increase in the number of homes that have reported termite problems in the past year and that the bugs cause up to $21 million in damage to homes […]

Termite Invasion Destroying GTA Homes

If you’re a Greater Toronto Area homeowner and having termite problems, you’re not alone. Reports of these pesky insects burrowing inside homes across Ontario have been growing in recent years. According to statistics, termites cause an estimated $120 million in property damage a year in Toronto alone, which can then drop neighbourhood property values by […]

TREB: Termites are a Hidden Problem

If you’re considering the purchase of your next home, you already know that a number of considerations are involved in the decision-making process like schools, transportation and local amenities. Often though, the factors that you can’t see are the ones that require the most attention. For nearly a century, our city’s inhabitants have shared this […]