Going Digital

Aetna is taking the next step in increasing our commitment to technology by fully integrating ServicePro into our business. ServicePro is a software program specifically designed for the pest control industry, and it provides a number of useful digital tools that will help both our customers and our pest control technicians. The largest benefit of […]

Winter Rat Prevention Tips

In the past five years, Aetna has seen a steady increase in rat calls. This pesky rodent has had much success in Toronto and the GTA for several reasons: increased construction disrupting their harborage sites milder winters, allowing them more time to find food and reproduce availability of food from compost bins and vegetable gardens […]

Termite super colonies in Toronto

Termite super colonies in Toronto A termite colony is created by a mating pair of elate termites who establish a nuptial chamber and begin to produce eggs. Like ants, and some bees and wasps, termites live in well-integrated societies where individuals are dependent on each other for survival. They each perform different tasks that, collectively, […]

Carpenter Ants

Do you have carpenter ants? Most pest issues begin outside the home. The best way to prevent these invaders from entering our home is to treat the exterior. A preventative exterior treatment program puts a barrier between you and the pests, protecting your home. This exterior service is a great way of avoiding unnecessary chemical […]

Termite Drop Tubes

Please see our video below of an excellent example of a termite drop tube. One of our technicians found this tube in a basement on a recent inspection. We thought we would share it with you. Termite mud tubes are constructed by the worker termite by “cementing” particles of soil and wood together using the […]

Think Twice Before Accepting Garden Plants From a Friend

If you have termites infesting your house and you live in the City of Toronto, GTA or other parts of southern Ontario, the termite you have is called the Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar). It is the most widely distributed subterranean termite in North America, which makes it the most economically important termite in North America. In […]