Fleas can be picked up by pets and then brought into your home. This can cause them to latch on to you and your pest.

The Flea

Adult fleas are quite troublesome because they feed on the blood of their host which can be a dog, cat, human, raccoons, mice rats etc. Fleas are approximately 2.5 mm in length and the adults are brown to blackish wingless with flattened bodies for easier movement through animal hair. The adult flea lays eggs singly usually in the hair of animals. The eggs are easily dislodged and can be found anywhere the pet travels. The larvae or immature stage seek protection from bright light and will work their way into debris, into the deep pile zone of carpeting or other protective areas for coverage. The larvae or immature stage feed on organic matter and on the blood-containing faecal droppings of the adult flea. The larvae require moisture and thrive best in humid parts of the building, cracks and crevices of the floor or deep in the lower zone of carpeting where moisture levels are higher. Adult fleas can live for several months without food.

Treatment Preparation

The homeowner must vacuum premises thoroughly, sweep and mop hard-surfaced floors, wash all linens and bedding and clear the floor of debris. Pay particular attention to where the pet is sleeping, this area must be thoroughly cleaned. The vacuum bag should be discarded immediately after vacuuming is completed. The pet must be professionally treated at the same time the premise is being treated. Please move all furniture (that can be easily moved) away from the walls. After treatment, take care not to wash or wax floors or steam clean carpets for at least 3 weeks after treatment. Continue vacuuming every day for at least one week after the treatment has been completed. Vacate the premises during service and do not re-enter until at least 4 hours after treatment. Open window for 20 minutes after re-entry if possible. Before service, infants, pregnant women and people suffering from heart, kidney, respiratory ailments or allergies should be away from the premises for 8 hours.

Flea Prevention

  • Wash pet with a good quality flea shampoo every week during flea season. Fleas are most prevalent in Ontario mid-August to mid-October.