Termite Colony Hierarchy and How to Identify Them

Termites, ants and some wasps and bees, are social insects that have a distinct social hierarchy within their colony. They have three main castes in their colony and they are workers, soldiers, and […]

Cockroaches In Toronto

Cockroaches are more active now that we have had many months of warm weather in Toronto. Heat and humidity is the environment that they thrive best in. In tropical environments, cockroaches are very active all year round, however in Toronto we see an increase in their population throughout the summer months, even extending […]

Termites vs Ants

It is very common to see ants in Toronto throughout the summer months, however, most people don’t realize termites can closely resemble ants in appearance. While ants can be a nuisance and cause some damage, Termites will do a lot more damage to your home once they […]

Wasp Removal

With summer upon us, it is the perfect opportunity to extend our indoor living space to the exterior backyard or balcony, especially with Covid still looming. It is a great chance to get together with friends. […]

How can you tell if you have Termites?

The most obvious way you know you have termites is if you see a termite shelter tube appearing on a wall. Termites build these tubes up from the ground and over concrete in order to find the wooden areas of the structure. These tubes shelter termites from predators and help maintain the high humidity required for the termites to survive. […]

How Bora Care Can Protect Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or doing a renovation, Bora-Care Termiticide provides long-term protection that kills and prevents termitescarpenter antswood-boring beetles, and decaying fungi. Because the active ingredient is a natural mineral salt, it does not break down over time. Bora-Care has a patented […]

How to Identify Termite Tubes?

When foraging termites are looking for food (cellulose/wood) they often come across barriers they need to overcome in order to reach wood on the other side. To bridge this gap, termites create shelter tubes that allow the them to leave the protective soil to reach the wood they require to survive […]

How to discourage Termites from Entering Your Home?

Termite issues frequently arise when wood building components come into contact with the ground. Termites have direct admission into the building and easy access to food, moisture, and shelter. The height of wood siding, door, and window frames, etc., should be at least six […]

How do Termites get into your House?

Termites live underground in subterranean colonies. If a colony has formed near your property, termites might find your house while scavenging for food and decide it is a great food source for the colony. The first way is through cracks in your foundation. As with any home, cracks may appear in the foundation. This provides an easy way for termites to enter your home […]