Rats are a common pest for both residential and commercial properties. Ignoring a rat infestation can lead to disease in your household or establishment.

Norway Rat

The Norway rat is prevalent in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout North America. The Norway rat is covered in course hair; they have small eyes and small ears and a blunt snout. They build elaborate tunnel systems and burrows at ground level, preferring damp areas such as building perimeters or crawlspaces. Norway rats live out doors and tend to migrate indoors when the weather turns cold.

Norway Rat Treatment

If rodent droppings are discovered in a cupboard or shelf, remove contents so the technician has better access to areas he/she will treat. The technician will do a thorough inspection both on the interior and the exterior of the premises. The technician will make recommendations if signs of entry points are uncovered. A program of tamper resistant baited stations, mechanical traps or glue boards may be used depending on the situation.

Norway Rat Prevention Tips


Norway rats are often drawn to piles of wood, so homeowners should keep firewood stored well away from the structure and remove debris piles to reduce ideal nesting spots.


It is also important to seal any holes on the outside of the home with steel wool to block potential points of entry.


It is best to eliminate sources of moisture like leaky pipes, especially in crawl spaces and basements, as the dampness can attract Norway rats in search of drinking water.


All food products should also be properly sealed in containers to avoid any contamination, which can lead to disease transmission. Likewise, garbage should be tightly enclosed in trashcans that are regularly emptied outside of the home so as not to serve as food attractants.