How do Termites get Into your house?


3 Main ways

Termites get into houses

One of the best ways to prevent a termite infestation is to understand how they might get into your house.

Termites live underground in subterranean colonies. If a colony has formed near your property, termites might find your house while scavenging for food and decide it is a great food source for the colony.

1. Through your Foundation

The first way is through cracks in your foundation. As with any home, cracks may appear in the foundation. This provides an easy way for termites to enter your home undetected.

2. Through wood that is touching the soil

The second way they can start to cause damage is by eating their way up through wood that is in contact with the ground. We advise that your deck, porch steps and other wood structures connected to your house are built on concrete platforms.


Above Image Shows Wood to Soil Contact

3. Exterior Walls

If the termites cannot gain entry into your house using the previous two methods. They can build mud tubes on the exterior walls and try to find cracks where they can get in. Every homeowner in Toronto should be able to identify what a termite tube looks like.

How Can I Prevent Termites From Entering My House?

There are several ways to prevent a termite infestation. First, make sure that any cracks or holes in your house are sealed up. Termites can gain entry through small cracks and crevices on your exterior wall. You should also look for any water leaks, termites are attracted to moisture.

Second, check your home regularly for signs of termite activity. If you see termite activity in your home, contact Aetna immediately. Leaving a termite infestation un-treated can be a very expensive mistake.

Third, use an effective termite treatment. Our Altriset treatment creates a liquid barrier around and underneath your home. This treatment can help eliminate current infestations as well as protect your home from future infestations for a number of years.