Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. – Benjamin Franklin

Altriset Termiticide Preventative Treatment

The best strategy is to prevent infestations before they occur. The pre-construction termite treatment, also referred to as a “Pre-Treatment”, with Altriset Termiticide, is highly recommended. Wise and well-informed architects always specify pre-treatment, knowledgeable builders include it in every structure they erect, and prospective buyers should demand it for any new house or structure they purchase or build. 

Treatment is applied during construction, at certain times, depending on the type of structure. Properly treated structures are able to resist termites for a much longer period of time, and termiticides applied during construction are generally applied to areas that are unavailable after construction is complete. This one fact would tend to make pre-treatments preferable to post-treatments.


What are the benefits?

  • It is less expense to treat during construction than after the building has been completed


  • Technicians will have better access to key treatment areas of the building and contend with fewer obstacles. This results in a more complete treatment with maximum coverage.


  • When termites are discovered after the home or structure is built, they have already eaten wood materials and possibly caused enough damage to require repairs.


  • Termites have been detected throughout Toronto and especially south of Bloor-Danforth, along the lakeshore and the east side. Minimize your risk, cost and aggravation by having your building treated now rather than later.

Please call us and ask about the Aetna termite warranty and extended warranty programs. It is also very important to contact us when you are planning any renovations to your home or structure, particularly in the basement. We will recommend construction practices and products that will help to deter termites.


Pre-treatments are usually done in three distinct phases as the home or structure is being built:

  1. Treatment of the basement floors before the concrete slab is poured.
  2. Once the backfill is in place, but before any landscaping block work, driveway or concrete sidewalks are poured, termiticide is injected into the backfill next to the foundation wall.
  3. Borate treatment to basement wood framing, the basement must be finished after application.

As you can see, a properly done treatment is not just a one-time application. It is performed in stages coordinated with all building activities from foundation construction through final grading of the soil around the building’s exterior. In order for the treatment to be effective, the final phase of the application must be done after final grading and sometimes even after landscaping is completed so that the treated soil is not disturbed.