Black Out Bed Bug Detector

This products intercepts Bed Bugs on their way to your bed. It will help detect the presence of Bed Bugs in your bedroom.

$30.00 (4 Pack)

Additional Information

Help prevent bed bugs from getting into your bed! Black Out insect interceptors serve a vital role in a bed bug control program. They are used to monitor for the presence of bed bugs. They are designed to intercept bugs coming to and leaving the bed, which means for every bug caught, that is one less bug to feed on you.

The Black Out can be used to verify whether bed bugs are eliminated in a room. Black color helps to attract Bed Bugs. No powder or additives necessary. Simply slip one Black Out under each leg of your bed, keep sheets, blankets and pillow from touching the floor, and keep bed from touching the wall to prevent bed bugs from invading your bed.