Clear Puffer Duster

The Bellow Hand Duster features new design enhancements that make it our choice for when it comes to crack and crevice treatments of fine dust products into small areas.


Directions for Use

 To use the duster, fill the rubber container (bellows) half-way full with an insecticide dust product such as Insectigone Crawling Insect Dust. It is also recommended to place a small rock in the duster to help break up the dust and prevent it from clumping. Compressing the bellows will cause dust to escape the metal tip of the duster. Using a duster allows you to inject dust more easily into cracks and crevices or inside wall voids where insects like to hide. We highly recommend purchasing a duster when applying any dust products.


Note: This hand duster does not come with an insecticide dust. You will have to purchase the dust separately.