Mosquito and Tick Barrier

Just one spraying of the all natural, liquid garlic-based Mosquito and Tick Barrier will keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard and away from your home for nearly a month.


For Outdoor Use Only


Shake well before using. Mix Mosquito and Tick Barrier in water at a rate of 30 mL/L. If mosquitoes and ticks are already present, it may be beneficial to double the amount of Mosquito and Tick Barrier per litre of water. To aid mixing and spreading of the spray solution, especially if you have hard water, up to 10 mL of mild liquid soap per litre of water may be added. If a sticker is desired to aid retention of the product to plants, up to 20 mL of vegetable oil (canola or corn oil; do not use soybean or peanut oil) with up to 10 mL of liquid soap per litre of water may be added. If adding soap or vegetable oil and soap, mix well with undiluted Mosquito and Tick Barrier, then dilute the mixture in water and stir well. No danger to plants is expected if label directions are followed, but test on a small area if in doubt about the sensitivity of a particular plant. For best results spray in the early morning or early evening. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day. Spray all foliage with a small spray droplet size until run-off occurs. Use in areas that attract mosquitoes and ticks such as grass, plants, shrubs, and under wood piles, decks, and porches. Re-apply after heavy rain or if mosquitoes and ticks continue to be a problem. Spraying for tick nymphs should start in late spring or early summer.