Onguard Home & Cottage Animal Repellent

This product is designed to repel animals from areas where it is sprayed.


Onguard Liquid Animal Repellent FOR WILD AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS STOPS WILD AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS, FROM CHEWING NIBBLING, LICKING, GNAWING, EATING OR BITING. Wildlife such as skunks, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, mice, rats, deer, squirrels, voles, porcupines and some types of granivorous birds, fruit-eating birds and carrion crows.

DIRECTIONS: Generously apply to dry surfaces. Do not apply on rainy or windy days. Spray on the bark of trees, bushes, ornamental plants and flowers, bulbs, siding, fences, posts, garbage, and places visited by undesirable animals. Spray all surfaces to be protected until completely wet. Allow drying before handling or re‐applying. For additional protection, a second application may be necessary. Do not dilute! Do not mix with other chemicals! This product penetrates the bark of the trees and the outer layer of plants and flowers. The repellent remains intact and withstands outside elements. Annual re‐application is advised. Before using on painted surfaces, test a small area to determine whether this product’s ingredients will damage the paint. Do the same with plastics and fabrics. If in doubt, test first! Store this product in cold areas away from heat.