Pro ant and roach pyrodust

Pro® Ant and Roach Pyrodust is effective against a variety of insects. This product has a low mammalian toxicity.


Additional Information

Guarantee: Pyrethrins 0.2%, Piperonyl butoxide 1.0% PCP#: 13074

Pro Ant and Road Pyrodust is made from an African flower (Chrysanthemum) and has a very low mammalian toxicity. Effective against ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, earwigs, sowbugs, crickets, certain leaf beetles, boxelder bugs, fleas, bed bugs.

Directions: Lightly coat the areas where the insets crawl and hide such as cracks and crevices, undeaneath built-ins, around pipes and drains, in storage cabinets, behind medicine cabinets, in electrical outlet boxes, garbage cans and in attics and basements. Repeat as necessary, probably once a month. Contact insects directly with the dust when possible. Do not dust pets. Bed bugs: dust thoroughly both sides of mattresses and beds. Fleas: thoroughly dust sleeping quarters of pets and floors.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Cover or remove food-stuffs, utensils and aquariums from room being dusted. Avoid inhalation of the dust. Wash hands and other exposed skin after handling.