Termite Inspections

Our certified technicians will inspect your home for a potential termite infestation. Without a professional inspection, it can be hard to determine if you have termites or not.

Termite Inspections

Your home is where you seek comfort and security. It is also most likely your biggest asset and investment. Unfortunately, your home can also be very attractive to unwanted “guests”. Termites can cause significant damage to your property, resulting in aggravation and financial loss. This is because termites have a ravenous appetite for cellulosic materials found in wood, lumber, cardboard boxes, paper products and books to name a few. Regular termite inspections are essential in keeping your home safe, sound and protected.

Whether you are a current property owner or considering a purchase, a thorough inspection by an experienced, ministry licensed termite control specialist is essential to protect your investment and your rights as a purchaser. Termites are more widespread in Toronto and the GTA than most people believe. It is important to keep in mind that property insurance policies do not cover damage caused by termites.

Termite Inspection Report

Our termite inspectors also provide a written report outlining potential conditions that may attract termites to your home. These could be wood-soil-contact, damp basements, grading issues and poor crawlspace construction, to name a few.

If a termite infestation is found, a termite treatment is recommended.

Termite Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Aetna Pest Control works with real estate professionals, buyers and sellers to facilitate real estate transactions.  It is important to note the difference between home inspections and termite inspections.  While home inspectors can look for structural issues, they are not licensed or equipped to inspect for termites.  They cannot recommend when to do a termite treatment or make recommendations to prevent termites from entering your home.  With our specific expertise, we conduct thorough termite inspections and can quickly take care of any problems.  Indeed, every real estate transaction is different.  Our certified professional termite inspectors have many years of experience including solid backgrounds in building construction.


What you should know before buying a property

If you are purchasing a home, the financial investment of a professional termite inspection is very small compared to the cost of repairing major termite damage after you have purchased a termite-infested home.  In fact, you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by having a thorough inspection done before purchase.  You can even use your inspection report to negotiate the purchase price of the home or cancel the purchase entirely.  If you are selling a home, a termite inspection can help assure prospective buyers that your home is free of termites and help close the deal.  On the other hand, if termites are found during the inspection, you can have us take care of the problem and then proceed with any necessary repairs before you list your home for sale.