Termite Treatment

We use Altriset®  to eliminate your termite problems. This termiticide cannot easily be detected by the termites, making it an effective solution.

Altriset Termiticide Treatment

This conventional treatment requires an experienced termite technician to thoroughly treat your structure. Aetna is proud to be able to perform this treatment with Altriset Termiticide. The treatment takes approximately one full day and involves treatment of both the interior and exterior foundation of the structure. On the exterior, termiticide is injected into the soil next to exterior walls to a maximum depth of four feet. In addition, the wall voids are treated by injecting termiticide into the centre of the foundation walls (where necessary). On the interior, termiticide is injected through the basement floor, beside all exterior foundation walls and most interior walls. Following chemical application, all holes are sealed with latex cement. 

How does Altriset Protect My home?

Altriset termiticide is applied as a liquid barrier around the foundation of your home.  Because it is a non-repellent technology, termites do not detect it when they are travelling through the soil. Once they come in contact with Altriset, they share it with the rest of the colony during feeding and grooming practices.

Preparation for a Termite Treatment

A termite treatment is very extensive work done to the foundation of your home. All articles need to be moved away from all walls in the basement a minimum of 3 feet. As each home is unique, the preparation for a termite treatment should be discussed with your Aetna termite specialist prior to treatment. Depending on the structure of the home or commercial unit, there could be more involved preparation required.

Think you have termites?

Upload images and have them reviewed

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Are you renovating your basement?

Consider Borate Wood Treatment

Borate Wood Treatment is a preventative treatment that is applied to wood in areas that are critical to termite infestation. Our pest control technician will analyze your situation and recommend the best solution for you. This treatment is applied to wood framing. 

 Once applied, the wood is protected from termites, wood beetles, carpenter ants, algae, and mold. The areas treated with Borate must be treated before insulation is installed. In addition, the area must be finished-out after the treatment is applied. This is a preventative treatment that is applied during the construction/renovation process.

Aetna only recommends rock wool insulation installed when renovating basements.